• Looking at this picture from the inside out
    Lovely lady, my heart is about to
    Scale my chest, past my throat
    Spill out of my mouth and into you hands
    Please don’t drop it baby, it’s all I have

    I shiver because of the curve of you lips
    And I have to admit that
    When they are entwined with mine
    You fill oblivion with a warm ray of light
    And your brilliant smile brightens my night

    The touch of your fingertips on my face
    Fluently persuasive and delicate with every trace and
    I lose myself in the moment, lose myself in the moment,
    I lose myself…I lose myself in the moment…
    And I cannot form the words that I was hoping

    Like an angel carved from stone
    Lovely lady, what you have shown me
    Cannot be understood by the human mind
    Utterly taken away by your sweet breath and soft skin
    Butterflies in my stomach, the happiest I’ve ever been

    Explosions erupt again and again
    As the fireworks travel through my veins when
    You wrap you body up in mine
    Tangled together, perfection at it’s best
    You looked so enchanting in that pretty blue dress

    It especially looked nice on the floor
    With my hand in your hair while you screamed for more and
    Your nails found their way down my back
    The night was still young as the moonlight on your flesh
    Melted my past and erased the mess

    Listen to my heart beat in unison with yours
    Lovely lady, don’t ever fear heartbreak anymore because
    I’ll stay with you until the end
    Defeating clocks and throwing rocks at windows that will never sever…
    Windows to the future in our little endeavor

    As long as you promise to keep my hand
    Locked with yours so tightly we turn to sand and
    Shine your smile that I love so much
    The winds of time should begin to sweep us away
    Off into the sunset of another day

    Forever and an eternity I could spend beside you
    It’s an unbreakable bond formed from and sewn into
    My existence, the highlight of my life
    It’s like a gift to my being in soulmate formation
    I couldn’t be more thankful for you: the most beautiful creation.