• It's been awhile since we've talked.
    Let's keep it short; Don't prolong.

    You definitely were my first love,
    And hopefully not my last.
    I'll try not to hold you back,
    But I can't seem to relaz.

    You're a cold hearted b*****d,
    I'm over you know, don't fret.
    I'll remember tonight, when I pray to God,
    To stop praying for your death.

    Wow, look at that, my mood changed.
    From sad,pathetic, to mad.
    I hold no regret, I enjoyed our time,
    But for so long it can last.

    So for the last time I forgive you,
    for breaking my heart in two.
    But remember, 'my dear', people are waiting.
    And the possess Glue.