• I know we have that certain spark, that connection
    Without you it's as if i have no sense of direction

    The signals you send me confuse me so much
    It's like my hearts a car and you're holding the klutch

    Whenever i want to hang out, you're always booked
    I think it's the mystery of you that's got me hooked

    How can you have my heart without knowing it
    Although i never want this feeling to quit

    I wish for you to miss me as much as i miss you
    How do i get you to love me? I don't know what to do

    Confusion as it may be
    If only you loved me

    How can you have complete control over me?
    You have me hurting, that i finally see

    But whenever i see you, all i can do is smile
    I can't stand being away from you, not even a mile