• It looked so harmless
    This is what I get
    For I can't go one day without it
    I can't even rest
    I want to stop
    But I can't resist
    The lure of the monster
    You just can't get out of its grip
    It was so tempting
    I went on a ride
    With the monster at my side
    All I could do was hold on tight

    The ride is over
    It was fun
    And just as the monster intended
    I was keen to go on another one
    My addiction got stronger
    And my friendship with the monster did too
    But turning my head
    To the ones that I love
    I know its wrong
    But I can't stop
    Maybe I will
    Maybe I will not
    The taste of the monster is oh so sweet
    But the affects are crude
    For the true face of the monster has surfaced