• I'm Cold
    There's no blanket to wrap around me
    No one to wrap their arms around me
    No fire in the hard-stoned girth
    So I'm Cold
    Though there are people outside this room
    And blankets in the hallway closet
    And wood to light a fire
    I Remain Cold
    As the wind howls outside
    And rain slaps against the stained-glass window
    And the animals howl and cry
    It's Really Cold
    With these lights turned off
    And precious glass dolls in shattered pieces on the floor
    And the pictures of the family torn to shreds
    And of friends who no longer care
    So Cold
    As my fingers hold the pen that writes my last good-bye
    Freezing Cold
    As the storm gets louder
    And the silver blade dances across my bare wrist
    Forever Cold
    As the pounding on my door becomes nothing but a low buzz in my mind
    Watching the crimson blood come from my wrist on the white sheets of the bed
    Ever More Cold
    As I go deeper
    And the blood flows faster
    Never stopping!
    Never ending!
    Ignoring screams!
    Ignoring yells!
    Ignoring proclaims of love and lust!
    I'm cold!
    I'm oh so cold!
    I can’t get warm!
    My skin is pale
    My heart is ice
    The red flows faster
    I get weaker
    I can't see!
    I can't breath!
    I can't feel!
    I can't hear!
    I can't think!
    I don't know!
    I feel so cold!
    I can barely move
    The door slams open
    But it's to late
    Now they're cold
    With the little energy I have left
    I lift my cold face
    To stare blankly with cold eyes
    And in the fog that is my mind
    I see tear stained faces
    And broken hearts
    And never ending sorrow
    And the last thing they hear from me is a laugh
    A cold laugh
    It's raining still
    And I pass out
    Never to wake again
    And yet, I'm cold
    My lifeless body never getting warm
    And there's ice
    And rain
    And snow
    And hail
    I'm cold
    So cold
    Now cold
    Always cold
    Forever cold
    Never warm
    Never there
    I'm always cold
    I Don't Care