• Heartbroken as I found out that it’s all an illusion,

    I no longer feel the love, but only feel confusion.

    I want to go back to my fantasy once more,

    But I’m stuck in cruel reality, for you I’m just a bore.

    I had hoped that you actually felt the same way,

    I tried to get your attention every single day.

    I woke up and found out all of it was fake,

    Once you left me, I can hear my heart break.

    In your absence, I felt all my happiness drown,

    I can not seem to smile; all I can do is frown.

    Everyone seemed to noticed how much I’ve changed,

    The joyful girl they knew, now seemed deranged.

    Now, I found out that you don’t think of me in that manner,

    How can I accept that? To me you are all that matters.

    I realize now, there’s only one thing left to do,

    We can not be ‘just friends’…I’ll need to stay away from you.