• The soldier were out of patrol and found a group of dead kids
    They thought surely this was a sign that the enemy was near
    So they radioed back to base
    And more choppers did arrive
    More choppers did arrive
    While looking for the murders he came across o group surrounded by dead women
    And the living where in US military green
    Us military green
    He raised his sight and was told to stand down by his own corporal

    Later that night the soldier was sitting in thought about all around him
    Soon he realized what must be done
    He grabbed his gear and ran straight out of Vietnam
    As he ran he heard screams from a nearby village
    In his confusion he ran straight in and did as he was taught
    He freed the village from tyranny
    He laid two companies in US military green down

    The village treated him as a king and feed him well and for the first time in over a year he knew he did what was right
    The next day he reached the border to Cambodia where he finally was free