• what can I say?

    He has the face of angel, but is mischievous as the Devil

    A very good boy.

    Cute, but problems with people,

    There is a misfit,

    It's just another victim of our nightmares

    My child has just 5 years, maybe 6,

    is growing fast,

    For some time I notice something different

    He is always sad,

    But deep down is very ill,

    My poor child ...

    What happened to him?

    He has nightmares at night

    Demons in his dreams,


    disembowelling from within,

    They are hurting my poor child,

    His eyes no longer shine like stars,

    No longer,

    Only he sitting,

    waiting for a miracle or misfortune happens,

    my poor child,

    Alone in the darkness,

    There is a light touch him, but nothing happens,

    People see him as a beast,

    They are a damn, damn people cruel and cold,

    I'm crying, and he’s cleaning my face,

    Telling me that I’m human being,

    My good child,

    you are the purest thing of my life,

    But you’re dying for something,

    Can you see me from heaven,

    Just like you’re parents,

    But what are I saying?

    I don’t want to see you die!

    You're too young to go!

    I should die, not you!

    Why God?

    Don’t do this to me,

    is my child and love him very much!

    He has ever received love!

    Only me!

    He is very good, a human being!

    He is an only child!