• I’m on the verge of falling over a cliff.
    Do you care enough to reach out for me?
    I ask myself even as I begin to drift.
    I look up at you, can you really not see?

    My hand raises as if to touch you a final time.
    But it falls short, and I turn to face what lies below.
    What did I do, what exactly was my crime?
    As my descent continues, time seems to slow.

    Memories flash before me, a guide on my life.
    I see everything I’ve done wrong, and what I’ve done right.
    I never thought I would have caused so much strife.
    But I can’t just give up, I need to gather my strength to fight.

    It can’t end because of something like this.
    I’ve got to pull myself together and raise my chin.
    Looking at the sky I will pump my fist.
    Give the world a show, flash them a grin.

    You don't even know what I think,
    I don’t need the troubles that you birth.
    All they ever do is make me sink,
    And I’ve seen through the lies, just what you’re worth.