• Benaeth the willow
    Where it once wept
    Lays my heart
    Forgotten and left

    I am the willow
    So old and sad
    But once the willow
    Was happy and glad

    A man I sought
    And once found
    We planted a seed
    Beneath the ground

    From the seed
    A willow bloomed
    But while it grew
    My man was doomed

    An illness he suffered
    With me by my side
    A couple years after
    My man had died

    I buried him beneath
    This willow tree
    And all that is left
    Is poor old me

    My man is my heart
    Our love was the best
    And for now
    He is at rest

    Beneath the willow
    Where I once left
    Lays my heart
    Forgotten and left