• She stands there silent, patient. Waiting for her lover's return.
    For only one season they are together. She shivers.
    Her long silvery white hair covers her bare body.
    She is as pale as new fallen snow.

    He rides to her. She is his death and rebirth.
    His long red hair is like fire down his back.
    His skin is the color of the sky.
    The ruddy browns and golds of clothes catch the eye.

    They reach for each other.
    The embrace is pain and everlasting joy.
    They love.
    With his last breath. He gives her a deep kiss.

    Death is not his end.
    She takes up his clothes. They become white.
    She buries his bare body beneath a tree.
    He must wait 3 turnings to see her again.

    And so Fall passes to Winter.