• Tall palm trees
    Swaying in the light breeze
    But I know the waves from the ocean
    Won't catch my toes, which are out streched on the sand
    A wind blows through the air
    Rustling my long brown hair
    Not many people come here at sunset
    That's not my fault, but they just missing, whats still to come yet
    Oh the sky sets into rainbows
    All the animals nearby
    A duck, or fish, maybe even a doe
    Come to watch the sky
    A shriek nearby, belongs to a girl, she's atleast the age of ten
    But nobody said what her name is then
    Little Annie Marie, poor little girl she can't even see
    Her Mama and her Daddy try to do whats best for her
    I watch her with curious eyes, hoping that the doctors are trying to find a cure
    For Little Annie Marie, what dread, she can't see, poor, poor Graceys
    She laughs with delight in her blue striped two piece
    I look at my own bikini, and sigh with jealousy
    I wish I was young again, but that will never happen