• I lay in bed, and think of you, and what we did all day.
    all the things we smiles about, all the things we say.

    I lay in bed and think of you, tightly hug my pillow.
    I kiss my pillow, and imagine its you, and never let it go.

    I lay in bed and go to sleep, wishing to dream of you.
    as i dream I'm in a park, under a tree, only just us 2.

    I lay in bed, dreaming of us, and how we would love each other.
    you hold my hand, kiss my cheek, whisper that you love me forever.

    I lay in bed, waking up, thinking your there beside me.
    your not there, but i feel your love, its a love you don't have to see.

    I lay in bed, get on my feet, and sit down on my desk.
    I turn on my computer, and talk to you, you ask how was my rest.

    I'm not on bed,cause I'm with you, giving you my heart.
    cause even though, I'm far away, it wont tear us apart.