• Atomic
    thats me
    dont think its easy
    to act like you know me

    Lets relate me to atomic theory
    an idea founded in abstract
    philosophical reasoning
    rather than scientific experimenting
    so before you try to act
    let me get on this verbal attack
    tryin to see how you react
    so let me get deep
    maybe a little technical
    i hope your personality aint cheap
    otherwise this question might be a little difficult

    now if you take me, split me in two
    hand that s**t out, like how I give my heart and soul to all of you
    what happens when you get to that last peice?
    Can you continue to get more out of that peice indefinitely
    or will that truly be all I got left to give
    and if think it is then ill be damned if you think your about to get in on it
    so think about that
    think deep
    becuase whether im an atomic bomb or just atomic
    dont let the blast be so misleading
    an atom is an atom
    known to only have two kinds of touch
    one of them being positive
    and like you couldn't guess, the other being negative
    yea, straight up its that basic
    each atoms made of the same basic substance
    and we both got eternal properties to produce elements
    and despite your best efforts I remain complex
    so when I say Im atomic, just another Atom
    take it as a little more
    then a metaphor