• Here At The Never-Ending Wall Of Glass, Hold Me Close To You, My Love. And We'll Never Be Apart. Never Again, In The Sad Place We Call Home. Just You And Me, Together, Alone.

    All Around Us, Nothingness, You And Me, Chest To Chest. Sitting Down, Drawing. You Leave Me Breathless, Leave Me Crawling. All I Need, All I Want, Is You. You're My Life, My Home, And My Soul. Lily, You're The Only Thing That Keeps Me Alive. Without You I'm Nothing, Just Ashes In The Wind. Never Shall We Part, You And Me, In This Land Of Broken Dreams.

    So I Sit, Waiting For You. You Walk Up To Me, Glass Divided. So Here We Are, Sitting, Listening To Each-Others Hearts Beat. And Yours Sounds So Sweet, And Clear, You're Leaving Me No Air. So Now We Stay, Hand-In-Hand. 'Till This Days End. And The Glass Within.

    Draw With Me.