• every time you push that needle into your arm you kill me
    it makes me cry because I know what you can be
    and you can only brake down so many times
    that it can't be put back together even with all your nickels and dimes
    you can only blow us off until we realize
    we try to help but you've severed all ties
    and even all the duct tape and all the sorrys
    can put it back together or stop the worries
    every time you try to quit it makes me hope
    but then I see you just spend the money on dope
    and I hate it because I love you
    I don't want to turn my back on you but I have to
    come back when your healthy and clean
    I know how I sound how it must seem
    but in the bottom of my broken heart
    is the love for you framed like art
    no matter how I try I can't stop loving you how I do
    but it seems no matter how I try the needle has control on you
    so shut up your brain and close your eyes tight
    and if it's me you want more I'll be here to help again tonight