• I hear your cries
    and your questions of why.
    I chase after your falling tears
    Trying to make this better
    Trying to hide my fear.

    I never want to lose you,
    I want your skies to be blue.
    To know you are beautiful,
    And deserve the best in life.
    You say 'it's twisting inside like a knife'.

    And I cry.
    I cry cause I love you.
    And cherish you so much.
    Can't you feel my caring touch?
    Know that I am here.

    Everything you do...
    I watch and admire.
    I carry this overwhelming desire
    To make all your pain go away.
    I pray for this everyday.

    On a day that fate leads us to fight.
    I'm filed with a fright
    Of you leaving me forever.
    A pure, never ending terror.
    I'd just hope it didn't come to be.

    I know you might think what I say isn't true
    And I know that I may be selfish sometimes
    I just want you to know
    I'll be there through the hard times.
    I'll be there....

    For you.