• As I walk this land
    remembering us, hand in hand.
    It makes me miss your eyes
    even though I don't know why.

    Everyday I wake up knowing you're not there,
    it makes me think life's not fair.
    Knowing that you're not by my side
    makes nothing matter because they're all lies

    As I walk this earth
    remembering us so hurt
    it makes me want to forget
    the day we both met

    Remembering all those days
    and thinking about our old ways
    Talking on the phone with so much joy
    but then I realized I was just a toy

    All those promises we made those days
    just disappeared and faded anyways
    I was the only one who held onto us
    but I guess we got lost in the dust

    As I stop right there
    I look out and stare
    Even if memories are only what I have
    Then thats enough for me to not be sad.