• everyday, people go around,
    they might be wearing same outfit and act the same
    but they never realise that at the same time..
    the world..
    is still spining on it's axis.
    each day passes
    things around them begin to change.
    and yet they are stil walking at the same pase they are in a looong time ago.
    never realise what;s going on around them.
    and then they felt:
    left out, depressed and mad that the world has left them behind.

    Catch up.
    don't let the inside you holds you back.
    cause you are not the same..

    step up,
    be the person you wanted to be,
    and don't let what others think of you holds you back..

    cause there will always be a bright future infront of you
    and cause you can shine just like any others.
    just simplie stepping up and catching up with the world..

    then the world you use to think that is heartless and cold will starts to change
    and the realitys won't hurt as much...

    cause nothing stays the same.

    and always remember:
    if you don't want the world to left you behind..
    step up and catch up now
    you are different person then what you used to be...