• Everyone wears a mask to face reality.
    I smile on the outside, burying the deep nothingness in my heart.
    I act like a clutz, but i am always plotting something... Thinking.
    I can never let my true self be revealed. . . No one can.
    I've been wearing my mask so long i can see through others now.
    I often see my freinds asking me things, or for things.
    And i occasionaly wonder. . . What did i do to make you think we are close?
    My mask is one of the best. . . I almost looks exactly human.
    As my emotions hit ground, i muffle the sounds, stifling my reaction.
    Humans? No, we are not humans, we all were masks called "Humans".
    I feel so alone, even in a room full of people.
    This feeling is what your "Humanity" is.. . Lonliness.
    Freinds? freinds are just walking monsters who need someone.
    Freinds were their mask to leech off of their hosts.
    I wear this mask because i can't believe anymore.
    I think thoughts others think are so wrong with not so much as a blink.
    I lie through this mask of emptiness.
    Others see truths through the face of someone who believes..... Fools.
    Personality is a lie created by someone who lost themself.
    Someone who couldn't take their mask off, feeling false emotions.
    there are only 3 emotions, Anger, Satisfaction, and Boredom.
    Sadness is Anger, Jelousy is anger, We..... are anger.
    Can you tell me something?
    What's under your mask?