• I can feel it all once again. Slowly passing. Quickly looping.
    These memories and images, burned into my heart. They just won't leave me alone.

    It's already over.
    But it will never go away. : Can they ever go away? Another unanswerable question. Forget it.

    What do I do? Who should I ask? But I have to find this out on my own. I have to.
    Every step. Every heartbeat. Every second. Every thought. Every tear.
    Each it's own pit in my soul. It hurts..so good.

    Why can I not let go? I'm trying my very best.
    My dreams can't block out the sound of my own silence. Soundproof soul.
    She's going through so much and I'm submitting to pain myself? Not happening.
    I have to overcome. For her. I will.

    She comes before my next breath. I'd hold the rest of them if she asked. I have to hold out. So many years I've held it in. I can hold it for a little longer. Just until I repair her. I'll contain my self destruction. My tears. My mind. Until she is one again.I'll inherit her pain and release it with mine. Only after it's all done.

    All that I own. All that I know. I've give it all away just so I could show.
    So strong and priceless is my love and motivation, she truly deserves more than just a standing ovation.

    For her I would die. Even live in the yard.
    Just for her to know, in a while...it won't be so hard.

    Together for eternity, we will stand.
    Even after we die, I'll still be holding your hand.