• This is my Dream World,
    when the real one is too bleak
    This is my Dream World,
    for when I'm too sad to speak

    It is here that I hide,
    when I am too scared
    It's to here that I run,
    when to fight I don't dare

    This is the world,
    in which I'm whatever I want to be
    This is the world,
    in which I am truly Free

    But this Dream World of mine,
    it's not all it's cracked up to be
    Because I know that one day,
    I will have to leave

    And with that thought,
    the Freedom is gone
    I'll return,
    to the place that I belong

    When I wake,
    and open my eyes
    There will be no more stars to wish upon,
    in the morning sky

    When I leave for my Dream World,
    I enter a world full of Freedom that Binds
    For what if I choose to stay,
    and leave the real world behind?

    I am glad that I have left,
    and fought temptation at its best
    No longer am I scared to fight,
    and I know that to hide,
    it is not right

    And I will always choose to speak
    Even when the world around me,
    seems ever so bleak

    It was my Dream World,
    yet I'm glad that I left
    Because if I didn't live for real,
    I would forever feel regret

    But sometimes I wonder,
    what would have happened had I stayed?
    In that Dream World,
    where reality seems to fade

    I'll forever wonder,
    but I'll never regret
    Because the fear of living in a lie,
    is a fear I'll never forget

    Dream World,
    it is not
    But World,
    it still is
    The only difference between the two,
    is that in one I get to live