• And so those sad, sad ballroom blues begin again.
    An aching lonliness that permeats the soul and dazzles the mind.
    Those swirling colors, those sweeping seductions that make a pulse pound
    and a head spin.

    A hectic dance of lust and romance,
    desire and sensuality,
    passion and raw sexuality.

    This danse macabre of bloody tears and broken hearts.
    Empty minds and vacant eyes show on every mask.
    Every elegantly gloved hand holds another in a limp grip.
    We are all dead here in this hell.

    All unfeeling and uncaring.
    Our dying screams are drowned out by the slow,
    throbbing waltz we are eternally dancing to,
    eternally obeying.

    A repeating litany of horror.
    The song stops; as do the dancers.
    for a moment, we are set free from our musical chains.

    But the song begins again
    and so do those sad, sad ballroom blues.