• Silence in a nest of my feelings and thoughts,
    Time showing more things I must know,
    As maturity,
    Age is good for the soul,
    My knowledge a weapon to capture my goal,
    Though endeavors may slither up just a bit,
    But the understanding of living through them makes me fit,
    The future is coming and my past is has gone so I use the present to take all I can,
    Greedy yet generous to life with respect,
    So I slip through the flames untouched,
    Through the embers of the past,
    The flames of the present,
    But the future is me as I step forward and true,
    Nothing can stop me as I can witness my goal,
    With hope I kneel down look to the sky,
    Pray that life won’t always be this way,
    In the present I do stay,
    Take life how it may,
    Yet after,
    The speed of blink of an eye,
    A bolt of lightning climbs through the sky as the thunder cry,
    Why does the rain fall,
    As questions asked the answer,
    Flames of the present is extinguished,
    The embers lay indifferent just cold,
    The future of me still there,
    As I lift my eyes the wash of a tear,
    No longer as tough as my life is here,
    I see my angel,
    Light bright glowing white,
    The joy only came when my eyes laid sight,
    She told me to trust her,
    I gave her my heart,
    With her this is the beginning,
    We only just had start,
    As I am blessed with her love,
    Her soft and kind all that I respect,
    She is all I wanted and more then aspect,
    Her voice is a melody to my ears,
    Her body so delicate so beautiful with life,
    I can only do one thing,
    I kneel down and pray,
    Then look in her eyes and tell her ill stay,
    Oh with my heart I only do adore,
    As I am in love and couldn’t ask for,
    She makes everything better,
    I know for sure,
    I love her