• Heh. I don't know a problem,
    it's you, not me.
    Everything I do, everything I seem
    to be, you despise me.
    You say I'm a freak, oh really?
    It's your fault, you made me this way.
    Oh wait, no, no, you were right, that was me.
    Oh well, this ecstasy of my own
    blood dripping from my mouth, you see
    I've had alot of time dwelling on this.
    Dwelling on the past.
    Keeping the feelings held up, locked up, put
    away deep inside, oh so deep inside.
    I cried all my tears, I ran out a
    few months back.
    It was you! I cried for you!
    And ever since you left me, I've been this
    way. Each day, every day,
    every second, every time, each tick-tick-tick
    that goddamn clock ticks, I get worse.
    My mind, just gets worse and worse....
    Twisted, insane, demented...
    my brain's gonna rot and it's because of you
    that I'll die!
    I'll die chasing that crazy dream of the pain
    subsiding, hiding, letting go of my feelings.
    I'll die... but I'll take you with me....