• He is an innocent soul, that child, that boy
    He has done nothing wrong
    And yet
    Alone since his first breath
    Knowing no one wants him
    Spending his entire life wondering
    Where he came from
    What he did wrong

    That’s right

    Hungry for love, praise,
    And a mother’s proud smile
    Wanting nothing
    Getting nothing
    Being nothing
    Just one of four thousand

    That’s fair

    Shuffled from foster home to foster home
    Carrying his entire world in a suitcase
    Never knowing where he’ll be in one month, one year
    Perhaps thrown into an orphanage
    Becoming one of ten thousand

    That’s moral

    I see my friends worrying about
    Parties, homework, and chores
    I worry about the little person that grows inside of me
    And how I’ll handle the future
    I’m a teenager,
    I can’t handle this
    I told them that
    And suggested having it taken care of, but
    They don’t understand
    “You can’t,” They say

    “That’s murder.”

    Walking around crowded sidewalks full of heavy stares
    Carrying this huge burden
    I’m alone
    In my thoughts, my actions, my choices
    I no longer have thoughts, actions, or

    That’s law.

    Living my life knowing I’ve ruined another
    And not being able to do anything about it
    That’s how it’s gonna be
    Trading two souls
    For one beating heart

    That’s justice