• He who catches her when she falls apart, is a brave young soul,
    Deserves a lot, to be treated well, and have his life made whole.
    But the man who falls behind, and is to afraid to catch her fall,
    Is a man who is not worthy, and not allowed to take it all.
    If he has failed the young girls trust, and not satisfied her needs,
    Then he must pay the awful price and do for her the deeds.
    If he is to run away, oh how he will pay the price.
    But would he do it if he knew it’s her turn to roll the dice?
    She will do the dreadful deed, and chose his path for life,
    But will she fall into his arms if she rolls HIS WIFE?
    It is not so, she shall not fail the task of the Dark Lord,
    For it is clear, the time is now, that she must draw the sword.