• i don't listen to the same stations on my radio
    so the songs we use to listen to
    don't come up and make me cry
    but i still hear one or two here and there
    i go to new places to eat and shop
    so that i don't bump into you accidentally
    I've talked to friends
    I've talked to myself
    I've talked to the lord
    but no matter what i do
    i cant move on
    i still miss you
    and cant change it
    cant help it
    i just cant move on
    because baby i really do love you
    i try to move on
    but its just not working
    I've been strong
    and I've been weak
    nothing helps
    because i would give anything
    just for one more minute with you
    i pray like hell every night
    it just docent help
    i still miss you
    i still Love you
    i still call you baby