• how did everything
    come to this
    he's standing over there
    watching me drown
    and I'm not sure
    if i can keep going on like this
    i have no support
    i keep on screaming
    i keep on running
    i keep on fighting
    too many tears
    too many dreams crumbled
    too much of this
    I'm not sure
    how everything came down to this
    but it did
    does he hate me
    does he hate the i breathe
    the air that i do
    does he want me dead
    would that make him happy
    i wish i don't care
    what he thinks
    but i just cant help it
    you don't know what it takes
    are you reaching
    out to me
    cus I'm reaching out to you
    but in reality
    maybe it's already to late
    I'm getting use to the pain
    don't try to understand later
    it's not like you could
    it just gets worse and worse
    its already pretty bad now
    and dint try later
    i took the chance
    paid the bill
    and you think
    to be where i am
    just comes easy to me
    well try again
    I've been trying
    since elementary school
    i just happen to succeed
    because i never gave up
    and I'm still trying
    I'm still in the game
    tomorrow is a day away
    today is today
    it's here now
    so worry about today now
    and not later
    keep on pushing
    how did i know
    it would never work
    we threw it all away
    and now it's nowhere to be found
    where is that comfort
    instead i sew my lips shut
    and watch myself bleed
    i keep getting pushed and pulled
    and now I'm broken
    so just get away
    if it's going to be like this
    it makes me sick
    and i can hardly breathe
    my heart beat stumbles
    and my back bone crumbles
    my pen and paper
    the only one i can trust
    that actually cares
    i have these dreams
    no nightmares
    they wake me up
    your in them
    but your no help
    cus your the killer
    and there is no where
    to run to
    just like in reality
    and i hope you know
    i wont stop
    until i reach that finish line
    tomorrow just a day away
    and everything could change
    i feel as if
    i was running in circles
    and getting no where
    i use to hurt myself
    just to find my purpose
    everything is so worthless
    i don't deserve this
    i see myself
    writing on this paper
    praying for a saver
    so thoughtless
    it feels as if i were killing myself
    cus he is my everything
    i would give it all
    just to have him
    in my arms again
    cus its all that concerns me
    its worth all that hurts me
    i would give him my heart
    and let him hold it
    i would give him my soul
    except for the fact
    i already sold it
    the day you walked away
    i remember the skies
    they all turned grey
    i cant breathe
    unless you breathe
    wont bleed unless you bleed
    cant be
    unless you be
    until i can actually sleep
    until i stop getting sick
    I'm so tired of the fighting
    and all the drama
    it's hard to say
    everything will be OK
    because to me
    he was perfect
    i saw his halo
    even when nobody else did
    when i caught his lie
    it was so hard
    and i was caught in you
    I'm testified
    I'll die to win
    cus i was born to loose
    i fall
    and it's hard to try
    i can never replace
    those times we shared
    or those i love yous
    that were said
    it's so hard to walk away
    fire fly shine you light
    in my dark world
    that I'm in
    don't know how much longer
    i can go on like this
    i have no support
    i keep on screaming
    i keep on running
    i keep on fighting