• A leaf falls from a dying tree,
    The only sign of life I see.
    It gently lands on the wounded earth;
    A touching moment has no worth.
    I pick the leaf up from the land
    And hold it with my callhoused hand,
    Then crush it with a hungry fist.
    The tree cries out; it won't be missed.

    When every heart is wrapped in chains
    And suffocated, then what remains?
    The ground becomes a sea of red;
    Rejoice, I say, for love is dead!
    No more ambition, no more care.
    The world is now in deep despair.
    They turn to me - I only grin.
    Their fiery hatred means I win.

    Their blackened hearts now swell with rage
    As they try to escape from their burning cage.
    I locked it shut, and lost the key.
    Now they see the world I see.