• He raises his hand in strike,
    A blow forceful enough and angry enough to kill.
    With no sudden regrets he plunges the blade,
    An arc of chaos and rage.

    But his choice is torn as the blood flows.
    His eyes wide in shock at his own hand is covered
    In the redness of death.
    He cries trying to save her, and she slowly sinks
    Into the abyss of the afterlife.

    Carelessly is he who punishes without thought.
    He curses himself.
    To what does he owe the honor
    Of killing her for but his own reprieve.
    A thought, a flash.
    Regret with a lace of pain, seeing her bleeding
    Body in his arms.

    What has he done by killing his only love?
    The one who brought him to his knees
    And laiden with the guilt,
    Of one who has done something horribly wrong
    To the one he loves.
    A break in his heart again.

    Forgive a broken soul who has only lashed out,
    And taken away his only chance
    To living a full life with a beautiful maiden.
    Who now, dying in his arms,
    Eyes full of tears as she whispers his name
    Over and over again.

    Betrayal and grief.
    Oh tortured forever by sorrow,
    Now sitting in his cell awaiting daybreak
    When they will hang him in the gallows from
    Where he will see her grave.
    And her soul, mourning for him into
    Eternity only to find he will
    Never see her.

    Not even in the afterlife.
    No chance to glance her silken skin,
    Her honeybrown hair and green eyes
    ALight with love and forgiveness.
    She of all people.

    A true angel she is, and will be
    In the house of God.
    And he, burning for eternity in
    The fiery pits of hell, the betrayal will seek him
    And destroy him sevenfold.

    Lo, how mad men can take their chance!
    And give but the ounce of anger to
    Guide their hand into a deadly rage to kill one's
    Only love, and then regret it later.
    What shame in no self control.

    And his lover, looking down on him from above
    Can wish him grace.
    But will God grant it, should he choose
    Her love stay in his firery prison.
    Never would the Father deny his daughter
    Such a gift.

    And to their next life, happily they
    Roam about their graves, and their new place
    In Heaven on the right hand of God the Father.
    He is forgiving, as is the true
    Nature of love.