• Black out
    Then suddenly
    Lights flash
    And it begins
    Soon the stage
    Is filled with moving figures
    Winding around each other
    A pirouette here
    A chassé and a kick there
    All the colors merge together
    A unit of dancers working as one
    Glitter falls from their mobile bodies
    Costumes whirling as they prance
    It is not a show up there
    It is a way of life
    A form of word
    That is left unspoken
    And soon the final note blares
    And the beings break away
    Into a separate stance
    One last chance for an impression
    The lights fade slowly
    Giving the audience one last glimpse
    At the graceful dancers
    Glistening with sweat
    After a job well done
    There is a silent moment
    As the viewers take in
    What they had just witnessed
    And then the auditorium is
    Filled with thundering applause
    Some give a whistle or two
    A standing ovation
    Flowers are thrown at the stage
    As the lights flash once again
    Revealing the talent as they take a bow
    And cheer right back at the audience
    A magical experience
    Just occurred here
    One that pushed the body
    And the soul to the limit
    The dancers take one more look
    Up at the shimmering lights
    Which accented them so beautifully
    As they sang their song with their bodies
    Expressing their deepest secrets
    Without saying a word
    Once again it is dark
    The show is over
    But at the same time, not
    As the dancers leave the theatre
    Dance bags slung over their shoulders
    Their souls are back on stage
    One with the dance