• The snowy mountains
    And the whitened trees.
    Bleach-colored animals following me.

    Sparkling ocean as far as I can see.
    And the yellow sand squirming beneath my feet.
    Orange, purple, pink, blue sky;
    Making the world even more beautiful
    Than it ever could be.

    Orange, yellow; warm-colored leaves
    Drift to the ground,
    And the shade diminishes heat.
    Sun shines through the clouded sky,
    I wave to the warmth; good-bye.

    Birds sing their beautiful songs
    And crickets chirp all night long.
    The wind ruffles the green leaves,
    Making me happy; sick with glee.
    Flowers, grasses, blossoming trees;
    What more do I need?
    All the beauty in the world
    Is right here before me
    In the season,
    The lovely season of spring.