• The Happiest Place on Earth

    The people trickle in,
    then blossom into a crowd.
    Music filters through,
    settling in the growing roar.

    Thousands of feet scatter,
    following a hundred painted signs.
    Rivers and ponds, always in sight,
    gurgle alongside their newfound friends.

    Clanking cars crawl,
    then soar down mountain tracks.
    People shriek, laughing,
    savoring the wind whistling merrily past.

    A rainbow's diversity,
    costumes in crowds, colors colliding.
    Puppets dance, singing gladly,
    the mellow boats drift by easily.

    Satisfied smiles, selfish stomachs,
    sugars melt, crispies crunch.
    Dark down under,
    but frights feel good once illuminated.

    Dreams given freely,
    every day blurred with fantasies.
    Setting sun, day is done,
    feet drag reluctantly home.

    No room for sadness, even as they say goodbye.