• I put on a mask,
    Acting mean and angry.
    A fake mask that hides me,
    Hides my true feelings for you.
    When all I know is want and greed,
    When all I think about is your face.

    Deep inside I am a stupid fly,
    Caught by you; venus flytrap.
    Ive grown cold by my irritance.
    I need you now!
    Only you...

    My knees are weak,
    My heas spins.
    I turn more ruthless,
    Im becoming senseless.
    I am lost without you,
    I am lost...

    I can feel you now,
    Standing beside me.
    I cry for your touch.
    Embrace me, caress my tear damp cheeks,
    Before I implode upon myself.

    Guide me to a living heart again.
    Turn my thoughts around.
    Take my heart.
    Want me.