• I am reborn. Adult, new to this and how I see everything, when I see this
    Felt spring emotion upon my face, you'll never know! When I can't help the falling of
    My up side, The bursting giggles linger in on my nerves, only because I know I am
    Screwed if you didn't know, if you know... If you should know, but you won't know, you won't Even know a thing Unless I reveal, but no, not yet not till it is too late! In the most Claustrophobic feeling I may reveal when I say but I may just never say a word even when ask Your dying question
    "Are you alright, you ok?", Ask and ask but I am so shy to say cause your too much.
    Every part of you causes me to freak out inside as well as out!
    Sometimes I just have to get my feeling's
    To lay low so your through and through reading stare will stop. But it never works in a slight,
    Step, cause I am so eager to let out a glance. With only my heart moving from panic like you Had seen, it never let's down adrenalin. No matter how much I try to operate my action's, So
    If you catch me looking at the heat from your electric fire blue eyes.... Much like a nun trying to Pray from temptation, it won't work because I am not a nun and your too much not to enjoy! redface redface redface ******** love'in your face... You have me all in aches, and I can't get out of it, Your soo good, I shall not forget the moment when I feel your breathe filling me, so smooth. I Greet the Abnormal ecstasy like nothing and feel you from the ears till your left untouched. heart