• "Forever With You"

    You have marked my heart like a traveler marks history.
    You’re a memorable moment in my life.

    We enrich each other’s lives much like cherry blossoms do for spring.
    I don’t even want to begin imagining what my life without you would behold.

    Your embrace is as assuring as the beaming morning sun.
    How I adore being wrapped up in the safety of your arms.

    Our fingers entwined are as natural as a river flowing within the earth.
    It brings such security to know that you’ll never let me go.

    The soft whisper of your breath is like the subtle brush of a feather.
    Slight and delicate, it makes me know I’m everything to you.

    You and I together are just as befitting as a white blanket of snow on Christmas day.
    I fill with delight in the anticipation.

    Your eyes are like a ribbon of sky wrapped around a sea of green.
    I lose the essence of time when I gaze upon them.

    My lips pressed against yours are like a chemical reaction.
    It’s the wonderful process that leads us to our passion.

    Your hands running over my body are like the rolling waves of an ocean.
    They’re continuous and strong, yet rich and beautiful.

    Our bodies linked as one are as complete as the fitting of Cinderella’s glass slipper.
    So tender and sweet those moments are.

    The love we share is as pure and innocent as a newborn child.
    We both created it, and we both could not live without it.

    ~ December 16, 2009.