• A girl and a boy...
    Both tortured...
    By themselves, they tortured themselves,
    The girl was always happy,
    But sad inside,
    Sad in her sweet little laugh
    Sad in her haunting green eyes

    The boy was gay,
    It was about time,
    The Jocks laughed
    And he couldn't find love.

    They came up with a plan,
    They met in a park,
    Then went to the Girl's house,
    She slashed his wrists open
    Tears falling,
    He slashed her wrists,
    Blood and tears mixing,
    And they drank each other's blood...

    And She screamed and cried,
    And God listened...

    The boy died,
    No more pain,
    No more rejection,
    Life's disease leaving his body forever...

    But she lived,
    Got stuck in therapy,
    With light, puckered pink lines on her wrists,
    Staring at the floor,
    Remembering him,
    Not speaking.

    And she dreamt,
    And Screamed,
    Dreaming about drinking his blood,
    Dreaming about slashing his wrists...
    If only he'd cut deeper...

    She took a plastic knife from the hospital cafeteria
    And stabbed her own throat,
    Gurgling ruby blood,
    And smiling,
    Staring at the stars...
    And she was gone...