• I fall down into the pit of hell.
    There is much for me to tell.
    Souls screaming in the night.
    No room for any light.

    Pain, Suffering, and Death.
    I lay gasping for my last breath.
    Watching the shadows creep closer still.
    Sending up my spine, a sudden thrill.

    I have Death waiting.
    Oh so patiently waiting.
    He cares not for my pain.
    He cares only for what he will gain.

    He will take my writhing soul and hold it still.
    Giving me such a chill.
    He whispers how he’ll take my pain away.
    Only if I will stay.

    In his arms I’ll rest tonight.
    Waiting for dawn’s morning light.
    Then he’ll place my soul in the hollow shell.
    Leaving yet more to tell.
    I live constantly in pain.
    I know nothing now but pain.
    Death still whispers in my ear.
    Drawing very near.

    I am told my soul is old.
    So I’ve been told.
    Many people marvel at me.
    But there is nothing left to see.

    I supposedly defied Death.
    But I know he still waits for my last breath.
    Waiting to hold my soul in his arms.
    Waiting to win me over with his charms.

    I never trust Death.
    Like I said he’s still just waiting for my last breath.
    I see and hear him in my mind.
    How can I escape from this bind?

    He’ll chain me in the darkness.
    Leave me for the heartless.
    Waiting for me to lose hope and sleep.
    Waiting to send the shadows that creep.

    Chained in the darkness ready to drown.
    Waiting for me to fall down.
    I’ll try not to break.
    If only for your sake.

    You said you’d rescue me.
    So I’ll wait here patiently.
    Death is sly and quick and old.
    Be cautious not bold.

    If he catches you.
    There will be nothing I can do.
    But now I live.
    Your life you do not have to give.

    He follows after me.
    Knowing I can see.
    Is he taunting me?
    Is he haunting me?

    I care not for those two and I think not even you.
    What can you do?
    If I am trapped in the arms of Death.
    Will you be willing to risk your last breath?

    You know you’ll run.
    Run towards the rising sun.
    Leaving me bound in the darkness.
    Tormented by the heartless.

    I am lost but never found.
    To Death I am now bound.
    I try to reach for you.
    But you were never true.

    Now I’ve locked my heart away.
    Never to feel the light of day.
    I’ll rest in the arms of Death.
    Until I hear the whispers of your last breath.

    Death will come for you, not me.
    I will wait here patiently.
    Do not run to me this time.
    You were never truly mine.

    I love Death now not you.
    At least to me, he remains true.
    Sleep in the darkness.
    Tormented by the heartless.

    Trapped in the darkness, screaming in fright.
    You’ll never again see the light.
    I’ll laugh at you from the night.
    Your soul won’t last long this night.

    I’ll tear it away.
    Force you to stay.
    Trapped forever in this time.
    Trapped forever here in this rhyme.