• The breeze I feel on my skin
    Is full of movement
    The wind glides as the ocean moves.
    Waters of the pacific ocean is freezing.
    Lively, Calming, so passionate.
    The beach borders the ocean blue.
    Ocean stars reflects the sun or moon.
    Heats kiss that rest on my lips
    Rests my eyes gently, as wind lightly touches.
    Waters rushing into my skin, is power.
    Yet so soft, clear.
    Darkins my hair into drips
    Covering my naked skin.
    Water holding my thighs inside.
    My thoughts clear to rest.
    water covering my body.
    As I float and rest
    smoothing out my breath
    As the water kiss my lips and rest.
    Easing through my body.
    Scent of saltywater drifts through the air
    Moving the trees and sand.
    Ever so strongly, yet light.
    creatures placed at the bottom of sea
    Rest, but never sleeps.
    always breathing.
    Rest in peace
    As the moons light begins to fade