• How are you? Good morning,
    The coffee's setting in.
    I can't tell if the sun will shine again.
    Will it be sunny,
    Or cloudy like yesterday?
    Do you want some coffee? Yes you may.
    Why do you prefer no sugar,
    Or cream?
    Is the bitterness not what it seems?
    Stranger sit,
    Have some coffee with me.
    Take a sip of bitterness, make your plea.

    There's always hope in yesterday,
    There's always hope in yesterday.
    Be careful watching what you do and what you say.
    You may find you'll loose your way.

    The leaves have fallen,
    Long before today.
    Still it Isn't time for them to decay.
    The snow is waiting,
    Right there at your door.
    Will you sweep it off or ignore?
    Refuse to get warm,
    Refuse to eat again.
    You're that stubborn, nothing goes in.
    Sir I'm knocking,
    Please let me in.
    Let your thoughts carry on through the wind.