• people say im nice
    people say im genorous
    people say im sweet
    people say im fevorous

    im not nice
    im not genorous
    im not sweet
    im not fevorous

    i am kind
    i am giving
    i am sour
    i am hot(not the looks)

    people say i shout
    people say im quiet
    people say im a book worm
    people say im shy

    i dont shout
    im not quiet
    im not a book worm
    and i NOT shy

    i am loud
    i am soft
    i am addicted to books
    i am outgoing

    people think they know, but they dont. i hate when people think they know everything. when they dont.

    people judge just by looking. i hate that.

    people also say the world is coming to end. but most people are wrong. even me.