• Hiding in the shadows,
    Such a lonely sight...
    Whether treats or tricks, no one knows
    On this Hallowed Night.

    Fay, witches, goblins and ghosts abound
    During this haunting hour of fright.
    When screams are the only sound,
    On this Hallowed Night.

    Candy given to children in this place.
    Into chocolate and cadied apples, they bite.
    Little Vampires and their mummies scare every face
    On this Hallowed Night.

    Sneaking tricksters wander here and there.
    Little devils bring nothing but blight.
    To the graveyard, see a ghost that'll scare
    On this Hallowed Night.

    Back at home, counting their plunder...
    Over the candy, little monsters start to fight.
    Hearing the conflict, Mummies begin to sunder
    At the end of this Hallowed Night.