• My best friend, who i lean on for everything.
    with tears in my eyes and shaky hands,
    he always understands.

    he can make me laugh with a goofy smile.
    hes eyes that speak to me, with no words needed.
    his missions to make me happy, he always succeeded.

    when pain is the only thing i know,
    he takes it away, and sends my head in to another place.
    everything becomes better, when i see his sweet face.

    we can talk for hours about anything to change my feelings.
    he can make me forget everything that went wrong.
    he just turns down my emotions,and speeds up the song.

    i cry and he smiles, "you look beautiful" is all i need to hear.
    his friendship reminds me its more then a silly string and a bead.
    hes my best friends quite simply everything i need.