• Cold. Frigid. Ice.
    Burns. Heats. Invigorates.
    A duality of being,
    beautiful in itself.

    From that open spot
    where I sit and observe,
    I see the changes in the world,
    but never do they reach my heart.

    A slight and gentle rain,
    of rock and ice from heaven
    landed that very morning
    upon my outstretched palm.

    And for one tiny second
    I felt so cold and numb,
    but just an instance after that
    the miracle was gone?

    Curious, excited,
    I leaped upon the floor
    and still in my morning gown
    I ran out the back door.

    And there I stood,
    amidst a world
    I had never seen before,
    trembling, quivering, excited once more.

    By body freezing,
    my heart burning,
    my feet without feeling,
    I just didn't care.

    I stayed there forever,
    in the back of the garden
    and went into that world,
    never to return again.