• children run, they hide, the scamper about
    children hurt, cry, and never look down
    children cause pain and aches to my bone
    children grow up to sit on their throwns

    one child cries
    as the other lays bleeding
    one child lies
    as the other sits beleiving
    children, a child
    can cause a nation, wild
    to fall

    little boys hold close to their little whims
    looking down at each other
    looking at him
    the boy who doesnt belong
    a nation once so strong
    and yet the child gave up, why bother

    this little boy grew
    angry, larger, stronger
    this little boy grew
    into a monster
    this little boy cried
    when he didnt have his way
    this little boy died
    in the hands of the people he once played

    what happend to our children
    my child once so kind
    what happend to our children
    lost in thought, and in mind
    what happend to my boy
    who had once helled his silver tongue
    and lies dead now with a smoking gun

    this child grew
    like a seed in a pot of hate
    this child grew
    twisted, leaves falling, too late
    this child grew
    as grand as the sky
    but this child knew
    he would soon die
    for this child is no different,
    from the rise and the fall,
    this child is not above you, or me
    at all
    this child is a man
    a man lost in the weary sea
    this child is a man
    that lives in all of us, as with you and in me
    so what can i say
    Mr. man
    my words mean nothing to you mr. politician, or mr. teacher
    my words mean nothing to you mother and father
    my inovations mean nothing to you my people
    my religion has been split in two, by you...
    by you child...
    so why do you smile
    as you lie there
    why do you smile
    when you die there
    what makes you better then me
    what makes you free