• What happened?
    What changed?
    What made you leave?
    What did you want to say?
    What did you think?
    And what am I meant to do now?

    Where did you go?
    Where are you now?
    Where do you want to be?
    Where are your memories?
    Where are we now?
    And where does your heart lay?

    Who are you now?
    Who do you know?
    Who changed you, like you changed me?
    Who did this to us?
    Who stuck us together just to rip us apart?
    And who has your heart now?

    Why did you leave?
    Why did you say the things you did?
    Why are things like this?
    Why can’t we go back?
    Why do we have to move on?
    And why am I not allowed to know??

    When did I loose you?
    When did you get over me?
    When did you decide?
    When did things change?
    When are we going to talk again?
    When will I see you?
    And when will you come back?

    How did you feel?
    How did you see me?
    How are you now?
    How is your life developing, now you’re gone from me?
    How do you feel now?
    And how did I not see this before it came?

    Remember only one year ago?
    Remember all that we shared?
    Remember that time?
    Remember that kiss?
    Remember what I said?
    And remember those words?

    Did you care the way I cared?
    Did you see me as I seen you?
    Did you feel the way I felt?
    Did you think the things I thought?
    Did you notice what I noticed?
    And did you hurt the way I hurt?

    Questions I would ask myself.
    Questions, the answers I will never know.
    Questions I do not need answers for.
    Questions that no longer matter.
    Questions that linger on in my head,
    And questions I care no longer for. . .