• Wolves They Howl At The Top Of Thier Lungs
    Dogs They Bark At The Top Of Their Lungs
    What Makes These Two Creatures Alike
    Their Looks And Sounds Mainly
    But The Biggest Similarity Is That Both Are Family
    Along With Dingoes And Foxes
    You Must Have Heard Of Them
    If Not Look It Up
    You Can See A Dog Print On The Helmets At Clemson
    Don't Forget The Cleveland Browns
    Their Stadium Is Nicknamed "The Dog Pound"
    Even At Washington State University
    Their Mascot Is The Husky
    But Up In Washington State It's Very Musky
    I Wonder Why Dingoes And Foxes Aren't Used As A Symbol
    These Four Species Are All A Nimble Family
    I Must Not Forget The Coyote
    There Are Many Animals With The Wolf As The Ancestor
    Wolves,Dogs,Foxes,Coyotes,And Dingoes
    These Are The Main Five
    I Can't Believe What The Majestic Wolves Have Started
    People May Think That Wolves Are Only Vicious
    But If You Take A Closer Look At The Wolf
    You'll Realize That Wolves Are Caring And Protective Creatures
    Never Just Determine Something Immediately
    Take A Closer Look Before Determining
    So Please Take That Time To Research Something
    Before Just Judging It
    You Might Discover That Something Isn't What You May Think
    So Never Forget That
    Wolves They Howl At The Top Of Their Lungs
    And That
    Dogs They Bark At The Top Of Their Lungs
    These Are The Reasons
    Why These Two Creatures Are Alike
    I Have One more Thing For You To Remember
    My name Is Wulfy
    So Please Never Forget
    Because I'll Be Around For A While
    To Continue Making Meanings In
    A Poetic Way

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