• Everyone wants something out of everyone.
    It’s just a sad fact of life.
    Where am I?
    It’s all around you all the time.
    Anytime you step foot in a store, everything, the colors, the placement, even the temperature……every aspect is set to manipulate you.
    It’s good for all those big businesses.
    Isn’t it nice to know your being controlled?
    Can’t move….can’t see….what’s…
    We are brainwashed day in and day out by the simplest things.
    It’s become quite easy to do.
    Where… where did I….
    Mass media is murdering us.
    Everyone wants something out of you
    Even your companions.
    Your ‘friends’.
    Don’t you see it?
    They’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want.
    And so will you.
    Because it’s become part of who we are.
    Who we are shaped to be.
    It’s all a just puppet show.
    We are nothing more than marionettes.
    I’m….a puppet
    Blind, deaf, dumb marionettes.
    Can you… can you hear me?
    Something, Someone is always there
    Pulling strings.
    Adjusting your mind here and there.
    Tweaking your personality just so.
    Adjusting who you are.
    Who's there?
    You can’t run.
    G-got to…get away
    You can try to hide.
    It will do you no good.
    Always an authority figure.
    Always someone higher up.
    Stay in line.
    Fit the mold.
    I…I can’t….
    Stay in line like a good little puppet.
    When did this happen?
    When did it become too late?
    I don’t… know why…
    Too late to turn back.
    Too hard to go forward.
    So here we stay.
    Help me….

    Stay blind.
    Stay deaf.
    Stay dumb.
    I don’t understand
    Remaining marionettes
    Till we’re of no more use.
    Everyone wants something out of you.