• Life is Hell when your angry,
    Life is Heaven when your soul is free.
    Life is sadness when your hurt,
    Only cause no one will let you be.

    To much presure,
    To much stress,
    Run from the people,
    Run from the press.

    The war has begun,
    Theres no sense in running.
    They will find you,
    Cause there always out hunting.

    We need a hero.
    Someone who will help the weak.
    Someone strong,
    And will always think.

    The hero will be here.
    He'll stop the war.
    When its done,
    There bones will wash up shore.

    The gods and godisess,
    Are gathering now,
    All will try for there tryles,
    But ony one will know how.

    Only one will be the hero.
    The one to save the poor.
    Destroy all evil,
    And open a new door.

    The time is here.
    May ye all be ready.
    Your death will come.
    But neather of you will be steady.

    I can hear guns,
    And screams from the kids.
    The men and women,
    All fighting for what they did.

    Murder and hell,
    Shall fall apon the earth.
    Mothers to be,
    Never giving birth.

    Familys destroyed,
    Pain will fill the air.
    But alase all will end,
    If the right hero makes the dare.

    The chalange to evil,
    Has now come and gone.
    The war is over,
    There is a new dawn.

    I can see the new sun,
    And the new moon too.
    But theres something diffrent,
    Now there are two.

    We live in a new world.
    Weve been given a seconed chance.
    Let us all sing,
    Let us all dance.

    Tonight we cry and weap in pain,
    Wooden crates floating in the crimson sea.
    Tomorrow we will morn,
    As we all the servivers protect the hiden key.